Yoga Aims Studio Etiquette

 Strict observance of the following:

1.  Drop-ins are welcome for mat yoga classes.

2.  Advanced signup is recommended for aerial yoga.

3.  A 24-Hour cancellation is required (256-504-6087/email for all aerial yoga classes.

4.  LATE CANCEL (less than 24 hours) OR NO-SHOW for aerial yoga class will be charged as one class.

5.  Pay online with debit/credit card, before class at the studio (cash, check, debit/credit cards). 

6.  Cash, check (Pay to Yoga Aims Studio), debit and credit cards are acceptable forms of payment.

7.  NO yoga experience for all mat yoga classes.  All levels are welcome.

8.  Previous mat yoga experience is highly recommended for aerial yoga classes for a more enjoyable practice.  

9. Bring your own yoga mat.

10.  We rent Manduka mats for $2.

11.  The studio provides clean towels. 

12.  Silence is observed 10 minutes before and after a class. 

13.  Silence is observed at the reception area while class is going on.

14.  Keep mobile phones in off-mode during class.  

15.  Leave all personal belongings in the reception area.  

16.  Rest room is available.  

17.  NO SMOKING is strictly enforced.  

                                             Please speak with your MD if yoga is safe for you.



1.  For safety, one hammock can support up to 180 lbs. 

2.  Must wear shirts with sleeves, without zippers, metals or buttons.

3.  Must wear leggings that cover knees.

4.  No jewelry of any kind during class.

5.  No makeup (lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation), cologne/perfume during class.

6. For safety and health reasons, serious medical conditions - hypertension, glaucoma, dizziness, back problems, recent surgeries,

pregnancy, others are contraindicated for aerial yoga.

Please speak with your MD if aerial yoga is safe for you.

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Yoga Aims Studio offers Specialty Yoga classes and Yoga massage.  The studio offers 200-hour Teacher Training.  Gadsden, AL, USA