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Is yoga a religion? 

  • No.  

  • Is a philosophy 

  • Is universal.  


Where do I start? 

  • We offer classes that are recommended for all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced. 

  • We offer modifications and assists.  


I am not flexible? Can I still do yoga?

  • Yes.  

  • Individual pace

  • Gradually increasing flexibility 

  • Over time

How many times can I practice yoga?​

  • 3 classes/week recommended  


What can I wear to class?

  • Any comfortable clothes.

  •   Any breathable clothes

  •   Bare feet. 

  • Aerial yoga:  covers armpits/legs. 



Should I bring my own yoga mat?

  • Yes

What are the prices?

  • No contract fees

  • We offer plans.

  • Group and private session fees vary.

    Mat yoga:    $10/class, $55/mo auto-renew, $64/mo one-time

    Aerial yoga: $20/class

    Single private mat or aerial yoga session: $50

How do I book classes?

What are forms of payment?

  • Cash, Checks

  • Debit or credit cards



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