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Introducing: Yoga Aims Sound Therapy

What is Yoga Aims Sound Therapy?

With the compassionate guidance of a sound therapy facilitator, a client is set up in a completely relaxed physical body and mind, with generous use of props (bolster, blanket, etc.) encouraging a gradual release of tension and a sustained stillness. A client is invited to set an intention at the beginning of the session.


Sound, then, is introduced (singing crystal bowls, chimes, tuning forks, Himalayan bowls, cymbals, individually or mixture) to create vibrations, frequency, resonance in order to direct the flow of energy in a way where there is no obstruction or blockages. Using  sound vibration, we create an intentional shift of one's inner vibrations toward balance, creating harmony within the 5 layers of a human being (physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and even spiritual).


Sound Healing can help the brain safely transition from its more active states to its less active but more relaxed/rested states (where healing and vital physiologic processes occur like digestion, circulation, respiration) with minimal effort and activity from the sound therapy practitioner.  


Yoga Aims Sound Therapy creates a safe space for someone who would like a restorative quality of wellness through the utilization of Sound. This session can provide stress relief as a result of balance of the autonomic nervous system, bringing the whole body to a rest-and-digest state. Ultimately, the goal is equanimity.


It can improve mood, focus, mental clarity, and sleep. Other potential benefits are that it can help with pain relief and it can improve the health of the immune, respiratory, cardiac and digestive systems.


Everyone (any age, body, gender, race, religion or class) can benefit from Yoga Aims Sound Therapy.


Call us to get more information about our sound therapy offerings so you can start experiencing its numerous healthy benefits. 

Precaution: With medical conditions, please check with your physician

if yoga is safe for you. 

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