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Etiquette for Aerial Yoga

Yoga Aims Studio Etiquette for AERIAL YOGA CLASS: We highly appreciate observance of the following: 1. Advanced signup required at or Mind Body app. 2. No drop-in allowed 3. A 24-Hour cancellation required (via text 2565046087/email LATE CANCEL OR NO SHOW will be charged. 4. Pay before/after class at the studio with check (Pay to Yoga Aims Studio) or cash. We do not accept credit card. 5. Prior regular yoga experience required (home or studio/gym). No yoga experience required in INTRO Aerial Yoga. 6. Must wear shirts with sleeves, without zippers, metals or buttons. 7. Must wear leggings that cover knees. 8. No jewelry of any kind during class. 9. No makeup (lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation), cologne/perfume during class. 10. Please bring your own yoga mat and bottled water. 11. For safety and health reasons, certain medical conditions (hypertension, glaucoma, dizziness, recent surgeries, pregnancy, etc) are contraindicated for aerial yoga. Please speak with your MD if aerial yoga is safe for you.

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